Monash Children’s Hospital – ELMHS (Civil and Landscaping Package)               

Client: Lend Lease Building     

Duration: July- Dec 2017

Think Civil were awarded the Civil and Landscaping (Hard and Soft)  package of works for the ELMHS section of the newly constructed Monash Children’s Hospital in Clayton.

The scope of works completed by Think Civil included;

  • Asphalt vehicular pavement (6,000m2) including ground preparation, sub-base, asphalt and line marking.
  • Construction of all new kerb, kerb and channel, spoon drains and crossovers
  • Construction of concrete infill pavements, pram crossings and footpaths
  • Installation of all street furniture including bollards (fixed & removable), signage, handrails, fencing, tactile indicators, crash barriers & wheel stops
  • Installation of Wet-Pour Rubber to central Courtyards including ground preparation works
  • Installation of concrete unit pavers (Laid on Mortar bed and Pedestal System)
  • Installation of custom seating and furniture including tables, chairs and basketball court, and
  • Installation of topsoil, mulch, planting and lawn to garden areas and maintenance of same

Cardinia Pump Station Upgrade Project       

Client: CPBBV Joint venture on behalf of Melbourne Water     

Duration: April- Sept 2017

Pump station was upgraded to re-establish the design level of service by replacing the existing pump station equipment and optimising the pump station operation resulting in the prevention of drainage water spills to Cardinia Reservoir.

The scope of works completed by Think Civil included;

  • Installation of all electrical and communication conduits
  • Installation of new storm water drainage system (Pipes, pits, headwalls and beaching)
  • Construction of various concrete slabs including the new generator slab, crane slab and pipework support slab
  • Excavation and backfilling works associated with pipe installation
  • Construction of new RC in-situ staircase to inlet structure, and
  • Re-grading of access roads

Yarra Trams Track Renewal Works – Nicholson Street Coburg                               

Client: Downer Group                       

Duration: Nov 2017

As part of the modernisation of Melbourne’s tram network, Downer Group on behalf of Yarra Trams and Public Transport Victoria carried out works to renew tram tracks at the Nicholson Street / Holmes Street and Moreland Road junction in Coburg. Works included replacement of tram poles, rail welding, installation of new tram lines, replacement of overhead wires and track switches.

Think Civil were engaged by Downer Group to provide plant and labour for the duration of the works with our main scope of works being the placing of over 1,000mof high strength concrete to the tram support slab. These works ran continuously (24/7) for the duration of the occupation to ensure tight deadlines were achieved.

Canberra Metro Construction – ACT                               

Client: CMC (John Holland/CPB Joint Venture)                 


The Canberra Metro Project is the ACT’s largest public transport project and the first stage of the capital’s new fully integrated light rail system. The project includes the construction of 12kms of new track and rail systems and 12 new stops and associated urban design.

Think Civil have been engaged to install stormwater drainage to the Southern section of the works. The scope of works currently being delivered include;

  • Installation of stormwater drainage lines
  • Installation of precast pits
  • Construction of cast in-situ pits
  • Installation of CSR conduits and
  • Supplementary earthworks